Creating Excitement on a Cold Call and Following Up

by Ryan Haus

I heard I sound good on the phone (my voice) but I can't seem to get my prospects excited about what I have to say. I am cold calling investors all day, just trying to get them in front of a computer to make a presentation but can't seem to get them to budge. How can I create more excitement?

Also, those that want to hear about it tell me to call back and never answer when I do...

Hi Ryan,
if your prospects are not excited you are not hitting their "hot buttons" . That is to say you are not talking to them about what is most important to them, what they value.

If someone is an avid skier and you start a conversation about skiing you can't shut them up, they bubble with enthusiasm.

I think investing could be a hard sell at the moment given the recent global financial crash and falling housing prices but there would still be people doing it successfully.

You say you are calling "investors" . How do you know they are investors ? That's my fist question ., if they don't have the funds to invest then they are not a prospect. Could that be an opening question for you? "I have you listed as an investor, are you looking to make a profitable investment at the moment?"

If they answer yes you could follow with something like, "What are you after in an investment?"

When they answer keep them talking. They'll give you some info like, "I need security and I want a good return" You check, "anything else?"

After you get the full list repeat it back to them EXACTLY AS THEY SAID IT.

You can then get them to define the things they said they wanted. And ask them, "what's important about that?"

This will lead you to their DBM = Dominant Buying Motive.

I go into this is a few of my free articles on my site, links below

Needs versus Wants 1

Needs versus Wants 2


I could understand how getting them in front of a screen could be a stumbling block. Any chance you can email them a link or text them a link to a pre-recorded video ? Even if it only gives them the basics and they need to talk to you later.

Getting people on a call back can often require a lot of persistence on your part. When you organise a call-back do you get them to commit to a specific time ? This uses Cialdini's influence principle of "Commitment & Consistency". You may also be able to use another of Cialdini's principles to help you, "Reciprocity" by somehow incorporating a small gift as part of your approach. When the Krishner went from asking for donations to offering people a flower and just standing there with a tin their donations increased dramatically.

Take a read of my summary of Cialdini's principles on the webpage below.

Influence Principles

Hope this helps, Greg

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Mar 15, 2015
by: Gofy

Yeah, If you are able to offer the customers what they are actually looking for, I guarantee you that it would be a great hit in the meanwhile. Anyhow as the financial sector is a bit backward in the present scenario it would be a hardship to convey them.

Jun 08, 2011
Thanks for the response
by: Anonymous

Very helpful! Thanks!


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