Sales Close and Cold Calling

by Rohan Kanagil
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

How to close a sale and also cold calling methods


Hi Rohan,

OK Lets start with Cold Calling.
There are some that say you do not need to cold call.
I know of two well know sales trainers that are against it, namely Jeffrey Gitomer and Frank Rumbauskas.

I guess if you have to cold call Wendy Weiss is know as the queen of cold calling and there should be some good advice on her site.

Personally I did some cold calling.
Usually had some background information before I started.
Had a specific product in mind when I made the call.
Approached the call with an attitude of discovery to see if this product could be of use to the prospect.
I'd usually open with,
"Hi, I'm Greg W, you don't know me, my company deals in specialty chemicals and I have one here that they tell me is ideal for manufacturers of X. Since your company manufactures X I though I'd give you a call to find out if this product could be of benefit to you....."
Hardly rocket science but it worked for me.

Closing Sales ?
The best way of closing sales is to open relationships.
Find out about the people you are talking with, what's important to them, how they determine what they want to buy.
Ask questions and LISTEN to their answers AND RESPOND to their answers based on their answers.
Use a similar language and tone to them.
Work to make life better for them ans the sales will come to you.

The other major point is to keep your eyes and ears open for clues that they have already bought.
See a previous post with some information about this.

Hope this helps, Greg

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