by mishra satish

how to prospect

Hi Mishra,
I'm not sure I am the most qualified to answer tis questions for you.

In my day I mostly did cold calling. Not blindly may I add.

I had a product, literature telling me it's benefits and the manufacturing processes it could be used in. I would then proceed to sift through my contacts in related industries and try and get some names to call. If I couldn't get that I'd just find the manufacturers in the phone book and give em a call.

One thing I always did in trying to launch a new product was start with the small manufacturers and work my way up to the bigger ones. By the time I got to the bigger players in the market I sounded like an expert.

However, the reason I am not so sure of my advice is that these days people seem to be using social media a lot more and I'm not so experienced at that technique.

I suggest you could also read books like "Never Cold Call Again": by Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr and "Stop Cold Calling Forever" by Anthony Parinello that advocate better ways (?) to prospect than cold calling.

Hope this helps, Greg

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