What is Sales Persuasion

by Jon

What is Sales Persuasion ?

Jon, interesting question.
There are some that would argue that we never really persuade someone to buy something and there would be an element of truth in that belief.

If someone makes an appointment with you or walks into your shop they have done that for a reason. The reason is they have thought about buying, at least 80% of the time that would be true. BUT people do not buy 80% of the time, do they ?

People have thoughts going through their head about why they should not buy.

Your job as a sales person is to get them in touch with the benefits they would gain from buying and address the objections they are holding inside that prevent them from buying or at least cause them to procrastinate.

So really, sales persuasion (about 80% of the time) is about helping people negotiate with themselves about something they think they may like to buy.

Hope this helps, Greg

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