Shy Salesperson

by sales manager

Sometimes I feel shy when talking to more than one person


How do you do that ?
You are quite OK in front of one person but SOMETIMES when there's more than one you get shy.

Even more interesting is that you only do it SOMETIMES.

The question I have to ask is what is the difference between the times you feel shy and the times you do not ?

Is it the people you are talking to ? Are you more shy around women and OK around men ? Are you OK around middle level managers and get shy when you are talking to CEOs ?

Is it the topic you are talking about that can make you shy.

If it's simply the number of people the easiest thing you can do is just focus on one person in the audience and watch them when you are delivering your presentation.

The other thing you can do is practice feeling the way you want. Say you want to feel confident. Imagine a time when you felt TOTALLY confident, (make sure the feeling is strong) then quickly imagine giving a presentation in front of a group of people, Your imagination can change a scene faster than your feelings can change so what happens is you gradually start to feel more confident. Do it enough times and your feelings will change.

There are other tricks we could use too but they would need to be discussed rather than wrote. If you are interested you could contact me via the coaching page on this site by clicking the link below.

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Hope this helps, Greg

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