by richard

how can achieve an effective sales closing with a client?

Hi Richard,
like many sales people you believe the closing is the part you need to improve.

Many sales people think this way because when they ask for the order they run into sales objections or indifference.

Well that's because they have not done their best work prior to asking for the order.

Think of it like this. When you go into a department store. You select your goods and go to the checkout counter.

That check out counter is effectively "the close".

Do people hesitate at the counter ? Do they raise objections to the check out person ? No. Because the sale is already made. And it should be the case when you ask for the order too.

In fact, if you have done your job really well you may not even have to ask for the order, the prospect will be asking you how they can buy.

Many people need sales coaching on aspects other than the close.

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