Sales Close & Decision Process

by Gwen
(New York)

I would like to learn and know how to close better, as well as to get customers more involved in the decision making process.


Hi Gwen,

the close in selling is the final result after having done many things right beforehand, (or sometimes getting it wrong and recovering using good objections handling skills).

I think you almost answer your own question about closing with your second request about getting customers involved.

My belief is that customers get involved when they sense WIIFT (whats in it for them). The barriers to that can be them not opening up to you or not really understanding what you are offering.

Their closed nature is resolved by you building sales rapport.

To get them involved you have to have their best interests at heart and probe with the right questions. Questions that uncover their real needs and want (criteria) and also uncover how they want that expressed so that they really understand the offer and the benefits to them. This also involves really listening to their answers and listening on the level of understanding them as well as the content of their answers.

For help with understanding their needs and the prospects themselves I recommend my eBook on persuasion psychology

Hope this helps, Greg

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