More Sales

by jesper
(södertälje, stockholm, sverige)

I want more sales, but how ?

as a previous boss of mine used to say, "sales is not rocket science"

It all starts with your attitude. If you are in sales to help people you are off to a good start. Then you need to be determined to become a professional and happy to work hard at selling and at improving your skills.

That means you attend courses, read websites like this, listen to tapes in your car, read sales books and ask for guidance from good senior sales people.

Like any professional you learn about what you are going to sell. And especially the benefits for the customer. AND you also practice; things like handling objections.

You arrive at meeting, on-time, prepared and in the right frame of mind e.g. enthusiastic (a bad day cannot affect your mood).

Learn how to build rapport, ask questions, listen and handle objections.

Follow up. Whenever you say to a prospect or client that'll you'll do something make sure that you do it or get back to them if you are delayed.

Then there are the advanced things like learning better sales language, non-verbal rapport techniques, reading your prospect, speaking their language and controlling their moods.

Is you need help maybe get some sales coaching

Hope this helps, Greg

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