Manage and Motivate Sales Team

by Matthew Watson
(Broadbeach, QLD, Australia)



I guess the first point is if you want them to reach a whole new level you need to know exactly what their level is at the moment. That doesn't mean just knowing their sales figures.

Sales come about as a result of activity. The right activity done the right way at the right time.

What level of activity does the team have ? What tasks are they doing / giving priority to. ? How well are they doing those tasks ?
For example how well do they make appointments. Do they follow up ? You need to set performance KPI's NOT based on sales figures but on activity and successful activity.

The idea being that you can't master what you don't measure.

It's quite likely each of your sales people will have strengths and weaknesses. Please remember to sus-out the strengths of some of them to help improve the weaknesses of their colleagues.

In terms of motivation people are motivated by their own values. So, finding out what your people value is a critical step. I wrote a sales article on criteria (criteria = another word for value, almost) it could be worth your time to review it.

Then align your business success with their dreams (emotionally or with bonus schemes)

Apart from that I did mention in a previous post to do the following:

  • Lead by example
  • Celebrate their victories with them
  • Give them some rope so they can learn from their mistakes
  • Make yourself available for them to discuss their problems
  • Hold them accountable for RESULTS
  • Help them to be organised
  • Promote learning of new skills
  • Believe in them

If you need specific training on value elicitation please feel free to contact me for some sales coaching

Hope this helps, Greg

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