Handling Objections Better

by Hugo

To be able to handle objections better.



Hi Hugo,
I have a few articles on this site about how to handle objections, I'll put the links to them below.

I also have a book on how to handle objections.

One point though, I hope you understand that the better you handle the earlier part of a sales meeting the less you'll get objections.

For example, what objections come up for you most of the time ? Have you listed them ? Take a look at that list of objections. What's common in them ? What about those objections can you cover earlier in the sales process ?

Are you focusing on what's important to your prospect ? Are you speaking their language ?

If you need specific help on any of these I am available for sales coaching.

Below are the links to the sales objections articles.
Hope this helps, Greg

Sales Objections

Answering Sales Objections

Sleight of Mouth

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