Closing a sale

by Jonathan Johnson

Closing a sale better is what I would like more information about. Can you send me information on closing a sale.

Hi Jonathan,
closing sales is all about how you open them, even what you do beforehand.

Before the sale, find out what you can about your prospect (if you are not retail where people drop in from the street). Learn the benefits your prospects could gain from using your product or service. Adopt a mindset that "I am here to hep".

At the start of the meeting concentrate on building rapport. Asking questions to find out what the prospect wants (and needs). Here the SPIN Selling Model can help. Also, ask questions to find out how the prospect communicates and processess information, their hot buttons.

Next, present your offer only referencing the benefits of your offer that are RELEVANT to your prospect. Present your offer in their language in alignment with their thought processess.

Then, "shut up". Wait till they speak. He who speaks first has bought. They may just ask a buying question there and then.

Finally, answer any objections that they raise.

Hope that helps, Greg

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