Close Sales at a Higher Rate

by Head of Operations

I would like to know how to close sales at a higher rate.

To close sales at a higher rate you need to get past the basics in the interactions that precede the close.

What do I mean by that ?

The basics are:

  • arriving at the meeting prepared (ie product knowledge + prospect knowledge)
  • be in your best selling mood (state)
  • have the best interest of your prospect in mind
  • get a connection with customer (usually via dialogue)
  • ask questions
  • sell benefits not features
  • listen
  • handle objections
  • ask for the order (if you need to)

To move on from that:

  • learn how to build rapport without using words
  • ask more targeted questions
  • ask questions to understand how your prospect thinks and decides
  • pin down your prospect's DBM and/or Criteria for buying
  • talk in terms of your benefits to prospect's DBM / Criteria
  • talk in the prospect's thinking patterns
  • have objection handling so practiced that it's automatic to you
  • make sure you have rapport at time of closing
  • control prospect's emotions at time of closing

Do all of that and your closing rate (for qualified prospect's) will be around 80%.

Hope this helps, Greg

PS: I offer sales coaching on how to do these things.

Note: DBM = Dominant Buying Motive

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