Can't Close the Deal

by Bill

I can make appointments and seem to have fruitful discussions with people but no one buys ?

I'd like to close more sales.


Hi Bill,
this is a BIG question.

Are you new to selling. If so, it could be that you are appearing anxious when you ask for the order.

Mind you, many sales people do not even ask for the order ?

Assuming you are confident when you ask and that you do ask the mostlikely scenarios are that you are talking to the wrong person (not a qualified prospect or does not have the authority to buy) OR you are not building value, i.e. you could be selling features not benefits OR you are talking about ALL the benefits rather than the ones that matter to your prospect.

Remember, people buy for their reasons. If you have an offering that BEST solves a problem that they are REALLY struggling with THEY will place an order.

Hope this helps, Greg

PS If you need more help you may like to consider some sales coaching

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