Value, Sales and Buying

by Robert
(Verno BC, Canada)

I would like to know how to tie-in value elicitation with buying strategy in the sales process.

Hi Robert, not many words but a big question.

How do you elicit your customers values ? There are a couple of methods for doing that. You can come straight out and ask, "What's important to you about X ?" (or "What's import for you in an X?")

Others would argue to keep it more simple and ask, "What do you want in an X" (DO NOT ask, "What do you NEED in an X?"). Then a prospect will come back with a list:
I need A&B
I want C&D
I'd like E.
This list is sorted in terms of their values hierarchy. You need to assess this from their answer.
THEN, you repeat this list back to them, EXACTLY as they stated it.. Builds sales rapport , big time. Nothing is music to a persons ears more than hearing what's important to them.

THEN you ask why do they have to have A etc. And very often you'll see a common thread in their answers. That will be their DBM ( = Dominant Buying Motive).

Now, as you write, we need to tie this into their buying strategy. I'm not sure if you are referring to the NLP type of buying strategy. In any case you get their buying strategy by asking about a successful purchase they have made, then picking up the steps in the strategy. Then as you are discussing the values (or their DBM) you have elicited frame your questions in the format / language of their buying strategy. Get them to run through it in their mind.

Also, when you close it's often good to work out if the person you are interacting with is OPTIONS oriented or PROCEDURAL. If they are inclined to follow procedures show them how buying this product or service follows a logical sequence. Put them in the middle of that sequence and they'll feel compelled to conclude it. Conversely, keep talking about value with the OPTIONS person finally arriving at the conclusion that ordering this product is the best way to keep their options open. (In the long term or in relation to the bigger picture)

Maybe my eBook on responsive customers could help with values and the O/P close mentioned above.

Hope this helps, Greg

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