Training People to Sell

by Yvonne

would like to know how to train my people to become better sales persons


Hi Yvonne,

basically your people have to have the right attitude and mindset to sell and they have to be able to prepare themselves mentally for the selling interaction. I am talking about things like Congruence in Selling, Intentionality and being in the right State for selling.

You can train your people by being a model of the right attitude and being in the right state. Finding out your best salesperson's attitude and beliefs about selling (assuming you have one good sales person) and working on developing a similar attitude in your other people is another possibility.

Secondly, there is the aspect of the skills of selling. NOTE, I use the word skill. It's not about knowing how to sell. I know how to hit a golf ball BUT can I DO it ? Skills need to be practiced both on and off the playing field. Do you have practice sessions with your sales people ?

What do you practice ?
Building Rapport (covert techniques are best)
Targeted Questions
Finding out the Buyers Criteria for buying
Understanding how to Communicate with an Individual
Using Their Language to Build Value for your offer
Overcoming Sales Objections.
(Refer to the free persuasion articleson my site for ideas on these.)

Practice these with your people and watch their sales grow.

Hope this helps, Greg

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