Telephone Sales

by Dane Brown
(Lubbock,Texas, USA)

How to answer objection questions fast and to close sales and be smooth to where i pull them into our product.

Hi Dane,
if you want to be smooth on the phone, LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN.

All you have to work with when you are on the phone is the sound of your prospect's voice. And it will give you a lot of information if you just pay attention.

For starters, listen to the speed, tone and the volume of your prospect's voice. Make sure your voice is similar (do not try to mimic them or use an accent).

If you ask questions to assess their wants and criteria you can then respond in terms that are music to their ears. Take some time to build up the problem you are solving and the value of your solution and you may not get many objections to deal with.

For dealing with objections I recommend Overcoming Sales Objections

Hope this helps, Greg

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