Techniques for Cold Calling

by Ryan

What do you feel to be the best techniques for initial cold calling.
Such as a solid script.
I don't mean tips per say, but a strong strategy of selling techniques and actual verbage.
By the way great site!

Thanks for the compliment Ryan.

OK, you need to understand that I am not a script person. Don't believe in them, have never used them.

Best techniques for cold calling ?
Do some qualifying before you call to make sure they MAY have a use for what you offer.
Your approach should be to find out if they want what you are offering, have a need or a problem you can solve.
Be courteous (offer to call back if you can hear they are busy).
Build rapport quickly using your voice.

In terms of building I would recommend my eBook on the same topic.
Sales Rapport

Hope this helps, Greg

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