SPIN Selling Spas

by James

Hi there i just started a new career selling luxurious spas that have both leisure and water therapy in mind. I wanted to know some examples of applying SPIN selling to my product. Specifically ways of focusing on their current problems and then going from there.

Hi James,

OK SPIN stands for Situation, Problem, Implications and Needs Payoff.

The concept is don't spend too much time during the call finding out info about them (do that during pre call preparation). Conduct the call by asking a lot of questions relating to P.I. & N.

If you are selling them a spa from new (as distinct from getting them to replace one they already have) a very simple question is ask is, "What do you want in a spa" or "What are you after in a spa" (avoid using what do you need - no time to give the reason here).

People will come back with a list something like I want X, I need Y and and I'd like Z. The needs are non-negotiable if you don't meet most of them your chances of a sale are slim.

Once you have their criteria X, Y, Z you need to dig into those to understand what they really are. Then ask more questions about what affect these things have on them personally, actively looking for other Implications.

When you have all that information relate how your product fulfills their wants, needs and likes.

Hope this helps, Greg

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