Skills for the Seller

by Mahmoud Hakal
(Al qanater-cairo-Egypt)

i want to be good seller help me

Hi Mahmoud,

the desire you have to be good at it will be a big help for you. Because, like any other skill you are looking to improve it requires practice.

First things first though. Try to think of yourself as someone who helps people. Someone who helps people by helping them buy something that will be of benefit to them. Focus on your prospect. If you do these things you will lose fear of rejection and cold calling.

Then you need to become incredibly curious, interested in people and their problems. Genuine interest coupled with the help people attitude will allow you to talk to people for quite a while and help you build rapport which is necessary to make sales.

During your discussions it's then a matter of pinning down what could help your prospect. Then if your product or service is of genuine use to them communicating that use in words that they understand and relate to.

I suggest you take a look at some of the free persuasion articles on my website. Especially the ones on Criteria, Questions Needs and Wants, and Where do Prospects Make Decisions.

Hope this helps, Greg

PS I holidayed in Egypt about 4 years ago. Had a wonderful time. Cairo was a busy bustling city. Couldn't get my wife and daughter out of the el-Khalili markets.

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