Skeptical Buyers

by Mark
(Hong Kong)

Motivate skeptical and unwilling buyers


Hi Mark,

skeptical buyers think "i don't believe you" or "it wont work for me" (even though it works for everyone else).

The first phrase is an issue of trust. The first part of building trust is to establish rapport, or more correctly sales rapport. I think the next part, assuming this is not a one shot sale, is to make a promise and keep it. Arrange to call them back or send information, whatever, BUT make sure you do it. Then you are a person who does what they say and can be trusted. Of course, the other thing you can do is bring on your witnesses, people who are successfully using your product or service.

It wont work for me could be more about confidence in themselves or they trust you but don't think you understand their market or their circumstances. In this case witnesses can be your ally as well.

You also mention "unwilling buyers". They are unwilling buyers because they really have no need or they do not understand the benefits that what you are offering will BRING TO THEM.

It's important that you know ALL the benefits your offering can bring to the table BUT it's even more important to listen to the prospect, hone in on what's important to them and frame your benefits accordingly.

If they really have no need leave them alone and don't waste your time.

Hope this helps, Greg

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