Setting up Appointments

by Chuck

How do you set up a qualified appointment?

Hi Chuck,
Maybe I'm not the best person to be answering this question.

In my B2B sales days I had a habit of phoning to make appointments and ending up getting a small trial order instead. Had some customers actually buying regular quantities from me before I even met them. Strange ? Guess I must have been pretty good at building rapport over the phone.

A qualified person is one who is a potential client, yes? So, how do you do your research to see who is a potential client ? I don't know what you sell so I have no way of answering that question.

In terms of setting the appointment, I often started my calls as an inquiry as to whether the product I was offering could fit into my prospects production method and offer them some advantages. When a possible overlap was apparent I would then arrange an appointment to discuss further.

Hope these comments help, Greg

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