Serious Buyers v Time Wasters

I need to improve my ability of sorting the serious from the time wasters.

i.e. get the prospect to take action quicker or weed the prospect out.



you do not say how long you have been in sales.

This is something that should come to you after a while.

It will not come to you if all you do is talk when you are in a sales meeting.

If you really pay attention, watch (for their responses in things like facial expressions and body movements) and listen to the prospect (not just their words but their tone) you'll know the prospects that are really interested.

The only thing that'll keep you involved with time wasting prospects after that is if you do not trust your instincts.
And boy I've done this.

It's such a big deal, you really want it to happen and delude yourself into thinking they are interested.
So don't delude yourself.

So, really focus on listening and watching during your sales interactions then trust your gut feel.

Hope this helps, Greg

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