Selling to someone who has other alternatives

by Febian

I'll like to know how to sell to someone who can do without my product i.e he/she has other alternatives that compete favorably with my product

Hi Febian,
everyone always has alternatives even if it's just to do nothing.

Think of it like a pendulum. On one side is the problem your prospect has (or something they desire) on the other side is the cost of your solution.

To tip the scale in your favor the problem has to be heavier (i.e. more important) than the money they need to pay for the solution.

What is it that your offering can do better than your competitors ? Maybe what's better is that they are dealing with you ? Whatever that is you need to know it.

That way when you have built their desire for a solution (see SPIN Selling) you can focus on what's special about your offer that's of interest to them.

Hope this helps, Greg

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