Selling Techniques I used

by tymour

explain the selling technique you used to apply with your client


Hi Tymour,
Not sure if this is totally relevant and also my selling techniques matured over the years.

First up, I never really recall feeling much call anxiety I think this was because my thinking was that selling was a calling. A quest, to help people with the products I had to offer.

You see, I sold specialty chemicals and machines to manufacturing companies. Many prospects didn't know about my products or understand the REAL benefits of the products I was offering.

Consequently, my sales meetings were long (always longer than 45 minutes) and often a discovery session. I was digging out exactly how they made their product and looking to see if one of my products could be of assistance. Sometimes, prospects would be reluctant to share so I'd offer a few details about what I was offering and how it worked to prompt their thinking and get them asking questions.

Many of my deals were complicated sales with longer sales cycles because of the testing and approvals required. This may be a bit different to real estate ?

Over the years I concentrated more and more on building Rapport. People seemed to open up to me more readily. On several occasions I recall stepping in to help another salesperson who was "not getting anywhere" with a prospect. I recall one incident where the prospect was just not talking to her. After a two hour call with the customer I came out with all the details about the specific product we were investigating and two new possible products we could offer them.

Hope this helps, Greg

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