Selling skills

by Volcano

It will improve my communication skill and sell more



to improve your selling skills the simplest advice I can give is to ask yourself WIIFT = What's in it for Them. What will your prospect gain if they buy your product or service AND if you cannot answer that question well, get out of their office. BECAUSE your objective is to SERVE them and make their life better.

Secondly, LISTEN. Slow down. Stop talking and LISTEN. Not only listen buy WATCH them (if you are face-to-face) . That's the old adage I learned many years ago. "Ask a question then watch and listen". People will tell you everything you need to know if you just watch and listen.

That will take you 70-80% towards being a professional sales person.

The rest: about finding a prospect's values, learning how to speak their language, how to build rapport at the unconscious level and how to answer objections take you the other 20-30% of the way.

But just get the basics to start with.

Hope this helps, Greg

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