Selling Real Estate

by shekhariyer

How to persuade someone to buy real estate product like bungalow or plot etc.


Hi shekhariyer,
in many ways it's like a lot of other sales processes. People buy things for their own reasons. As a sales person you have to uncover those reasons and confirm that what you are offering fulfills their wants and needs. To the extent that you can do that you will be successful.

Start out by asking,
"What do you want in an bungalow "
"What are you after in an bungalow "
(DO NOT ask, "What do you NEED in an bungalow?").

Then a prospect will come back with a list:
I need A&B
I want C&D
I'd like E. (or something similar)

This list gives you their most important criteria. You need to assess their most important criteria from their answers. A tip, what they need is always the most important and most of the time non-negotiable.

THEN, you repeat this list back to them, EXACTLY as they stated it.. Builds sales rapport, big time. Nothing is music to a persons ears more than hearing what's important to them.

THEN you ask why do they have to have A (then B, etc). And very often you'll see a common thread in their answers. That will be their DBM ( = Dominant Buying Motive).

Now you have what's important to them and you know what's MOST important to them.

All you have to do now is show how what you are offering meets their criteria while you maintain rapport.

It also helps if you can speak their language, that is to say use words that align with the way they think.

My eBook influence and persuasion could help with the latter. Especially the section about "Influencing Using your Prospect's Thinking Filters".

Hope this helps, Greg

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