Selling in New Car Dealership

by Nelson Masuku
(Johannesburg, South Africa)



I've just started at a dealership selling new and used cars, at the moment it's just a closed book, even though my boss promised to send me for training.

I need to attract customers, satisfy them, close deals, earn their trust, increase my reputation, keep and manage relationships with my customers.

Hi Nelson,
You need to build rapport with people.
It all starts with rapport.
Be polite. Be honest.
Focus on finding out what their needs are.

There are many ways to build rapport with people but it all starts with having a desire to help them.
(you may like to look at my eBook on sales rapport)

Help people buy rather than sell to them.

Start out asking people what they want in a car. DO NOT ask them what they need. When they answer you they'll come back with something like:
I need X and Y
I want A and B
and I'd like Q.
You then need to frame your responses in terms of these, understanding that needs rate higher than wants and wants rate higher than likes.

During this dialogue watch and listen - between the lines as well.
So you learn about THEM.
(Maybe my eBook on responsive customers could help.)

Have you ever heard of Joe Girard ?
He is in the Guiness Book of Records as best sales person of all time and he sold cars. Joe always said you sell yourself first. And he credits much of his success to a habit of sending out greeting cards.

Joe used to gather details about people during the sales visit. Their address, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Then he had a system set up to send them a card on these special occasions. Guess who people kept coming back to to buy their cars ?

There is also plenty of free advice on this site to help you but don't just read it, try it.

Hope this helps, Greg

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