Selling Efficiently

by amr dali
(abu dhabi)

What should i do to make my team sell events more efficiently ????

Hi Amr,
I take it you are the sales manager ?

For people to perform at their best in a sales job they need three things:
1) the right attitude, which includes motivation and resilience (to keep on going after rejection)
2) product knowledge, especially the benefits of the product or service
3) selling skills

Have your sales people got the right attitude ?
Are they interested in the prospect's well being?
Are they motivated ?
Do you motivate them ?
I know sales people should be self motivated but can anyone do that 100% of the time ?
Do you motivate with carrot or stick, and which carrot or stick is important to that individual sales person ?
(This is covered in responsive customers). (Focuses more on selling to people but motivating buyers to buy is not much different to motivating sales people to sell)

Assume they know the events they are selling, what are the benefits the attendees gain ?
Have you been through the "so what" technique to uncover the real benefits of attending?

Selling skills - big topic.
Building sales rapport is crucial.
Picking up the customers wants and needs, by LISTENING and asking the RIGHT questions.
Building value by focusing on the customers personal benefits.
Not shooting yourself in the foot by saying the wrong thing, instead using language that is music to the prospect's ears.
Knowing about Overcoming Sales Objections
Practice overcoming the specific objections for your product.
Knowing how to close.

There's a lot there Amr.
So, there's a lot there for you to work with to get them to sell more efficiently.

Hope this helps, Greg

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