Selling efectivelly

by Benson Chirwa

How to make the client choose me instead of the competitor


The assumption in your question of course is that the prospect will do something. May will just stay with what they have now. But I guess that's another story. (see Sharon Drew Morgen's writings for more info on this)

A client will choose you instead of a competitor when they PERCEIVE you offer more than a competitor.

It's all about perceptions.

If the offers clients are getting are very similar they'll take the offer they FEEL most comfortable with, most confident about. That can come down to building rapport with them, always using language that gets them thinking positively about your offer, speaking their language (i.e. about what's important to them and in the way they want to hear it).

There are plenty of articles on this site about tactics and concepts behind selling. Take a look around and read them.

If the product you are selling is almost the same as your competitor take a look at the links below that relate to the points I made above.

Sales Rapport

Sales Language

Speaking their language

Good luck , Greg

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