Selling a More Expensive Product

I would like to know how to sell high end technical products that are superior and costly as compared to the competitors in the market.
How to effectively educate the client that product's superior quality, durable material and longer life are the reasons of it's slightly higher price?

I sold specialty chemicals for over 20 years. Most of the products I sold were the most expensive in the market. ObviouslyI didn't win every sales but I won a very good percentage.

Looking back on that I'm not quite sure what I did to educate the prospects. I would present the data. Highlight the advantages alluded to and get the prospects to trial the chemical in their lab and then small scale in their plant.

And maybe those last 2 points are your problem. My customers could run a trial, can yours? After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Can you take your prospects to see an old one of your machines that still works well. Might be hard if it's at a competitors site. What about getting a video of an old machine that's still functioning and showing the prospect ?

I am also curious as to how well your superior products are marketed ? After all, BMW and Mercedes have been selling high end cars for many years. In recent years Audi and Lexus have been able to do the same. How have they created their aura of high perceived quality ?

Hope this helps, Greg

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