Salespeople will be more Self Aware

by Paul A Coulter

The salesperson of the future is going to be more self aware, more conscious and be able to dance, swing and flow in a more natural and authentic communication style.

They will definitely be self directed and not outer directed.

They will rely less on manipulative, pitch oriented throw crap at the wall in a humorous cute way communication style and rely more on genuine reflective dialogue that respects and honors the buyer issues, needs, wants and preferences.


My Comment

Hi Paul,

totally agree with the dialogue bit.

Far to many sales people, as you say, just throw all the Advantages (SPIN terminology) at their customers and hope some of the spaghetti will stick to the wall.

Much better to DIALOGUE with the prospect and find out what they want. This is what SPIN Selling defines as a BENEFIT.

I also believe that advanced selling is about aligning with the communication style and values of the customer and speaking their language.

Regards Greg

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