Sales Trainer, Media Advantage

by Larry Holser
(Aptos, CA)

Great thoughts on being authentic!

If the salesperson doesn't believe that the product or service is worthwhile for the client, there is a selfish dishonesty that won't serve the client well and, in the long term, won't serve the salesperson, nor the company well. Believe in what you sell or do something else.

I do hate sales scripts. However, I'd do a little tweak on the "I hate systems" chant. Once you know that your prospect will really benefit, there are principles that are in many systems that can help the prospect understand what he really needs, and why.

The honest & skilled salesperson can guide them to the right fit without manipulation. The principles of some systems can help us LISTEN to the customer/client.

Hi Larry,
like your comments.

I have a similar idea to you. Read and study everything you can about selling but don't get hung up on a particular system.

What you have read and tested will stick in the back of your mind. You just need to be confident it will come out of your head when you need it.

In my experience things just come to me. Ideas about what is blocking the prospect or what they really want or why they are confused and they often come to me with a question to ask to clarify that for me and the prospect.

Of course there are certain principles I follow (maybe the ones that are "in many systems" as you say) throughout a sale and certain beliefs and attitudes that hep me which I think is what you are saying too. But I've never allowed myself to just follow one system.

Thanks for the input, Greg

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