Sales Rapport Ebook

Hi Greg,

I would like to comment on your rapport ebook that I have purchased.

We have all met someone we have liked and trusted almost instantly without reason or justification. What I have been looking for are techniques that allow me to replicate this instant rapport which usually in my experience leads to really productive meetings which then means I usually win that customer's business.

This book allows you to do that! It gives you techiques that has allowed me to build trust so much more quickly than I ever imagined. What for me stands out above than anything else that I have read is how rich it is in practical exercises in order for you to practice your skills. In my opinion this is where other books fall down because they give you the theory but not now to achieve the skills that you wish to attain.

I have purchased many sales books and I have to say that it is one of the best I have come across. For anyone thinking about purchasing this book I would say do it immediately as it will have a massive impact on your ability to achieve rapport which, if used congruently, give you a competitive edge.

Finally this is a note to Greg. I honestly think you should increase the price on this product because I have paid for material that isn't nearly half as good as what you have written for 5 times the price!




Thanks you Mark for your kind words.


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