Sales Planning

by Jason
(Norfolk, england)

I'd like to know how to plan my days better and the weeks ahead. Im a on the road salesman looking after accounts and at the same time looking for new business.

Hi Jason,
do you currently employ some sort of system ?
Many people these days use the Calendars in their mobile phones. I'm not convinced they work well.

I'll relate to you one of the systems I used to use.

I had 17 manilla folders. One for each month and another 5 labelled week1, week 2 etc.

Say I went to visit a client 1st March and they said we need to meet again in 5 weeks. I would write their name and that date on a piece of paper and place it in the April file. I'd do the same for phone calls I had to make, reports or anything else.

Then at the start of the last week in March I'd pull out the April file and divide the jobs up into the weekly folders. At that time I'd also review any appointments I had in my diary.

If you are travelling it shouldn't be too hard to carry around 17 thin folders.

This system worked really well for me for many years.

Hope this helps, Greg

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