Sales Motivation Without Carrots & Sticks

by Thiaga
(KL Malaysia)

I would like to find out if there is a way could be via psychological to motivate telesales or telemarketing people.

Hi Thiaga,
the ONLY way to motivate people is with either a carrot or a stick. We are all motivated to either move towards a goal or away from something we find undesirable.

I think what you are getting at is the goal does not have to be monetary (a mind read on my part) and the stick does not have to be a threat (like job security).

The best way to motivate ANYONE is to know which direction is their main motivation (towards or away from) and know specifically what is their motivation. (i.e. their CRITERIA)

I write about this in section 3 of my eBook on responsive customers. This book is slanted towards sales but really it's about motivating people to buy.

Hope this helps, Greg

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