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I get very close to winning the deal and it usually comes down to me and another provider and quite often they win.

What am I doing wrong?

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Apr 23, 2016
A good question that MAY help you ?
by: Greg

Hi Richard,

It's very difficult to give you a meaningful answer with so little detail in your post.

The fact that you're getting down to the final two means that you're doing a lot right.

It would seem that there is something very important to the customers that you are missing?

I think there is a strategic question you can ask, the question being, "what do you want in X" where X is what you supply.
And listen very carefully to the answer because inside that answer the prospect will give you what's most important to them and in what order and even the words to use when you're explaining to them how your office satisfies their needs.

I have written an article on my website that explains more about it, go to the Free Articles tab and look for article 35 , Questions, Needs and Wants

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