Sales Management

I would like to have in-depth knowledge about sales techniques and systems and to be able to train my sales team on them.


Plenty of ways to find out about sales techniques. Plenty of books to read: SPIN Selling, Strategic Selling, Buying Facilitation, The Psychology of Persuasion, Influence, Question Based Selling, Little Red Book of Selling etc etc. YOu can find a lot of free information on the pages of my website too.

Don't overlook the obvious though. Ask the reps that are in your team. What do they do. More importantly, what do the most successful ones do that the least successful ones do not ? That is a powerful learning.

It's not just about their skills though, isn't it? It's their attitude and their motivation. Better make sure that's on your list to work with too. Coaching is a whole field in itself.

Hope this helps, Greg

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