by Sudhir


How can i improve sales during recession time.

Hi Sudhir,

the first trick to improving sales during a recession is to believe you can do it.

During my 22 years in direct sales I sold thorough a number of economic downturns. I was lucky enough to have a great manager early in my sales career who refused to let us believe in (or even utter the word) recession. That helped frame my attitude.

During a recession people become more discerning about a new purchase and look critically at the ongoing purchase arrangements they have.

IN my B2B business selling my first priority was to secure the business I already had.

Then gaining new business was no different to normal times. People were more interested in looking at alternative suppliers but more reluctant to actually make the move.

You need to know what the prospect really wants and then show how what you offer has value for them and moves them in the direction of what they want. The better you build the value and sell directly to their individual wants the more sales you will make.

Take a look around this site and you'll find a number of articles to help with this.

Hope my comments help, Greg

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