Sales Consultant

by John Woodley
(Tonbridge, Kent, UK)

I have used it in every sales call of my career since 1988.

I am a fan of J Douglas Edwards and Zig and taught myself to sell through old audio tapes and books of theirs when I sold double glazing in the 80's and 90's. When SPIN was published, it clarified further all that these guys had been teaching. It has enabled me to build companies and to be a top performer in all my sales jobs. The training I offer my teams is based on it and should be the basis for all sales success. I still have my trusty SPIN book in hardback and feel inspired to start it again tonight.

It also demonstrates to me that this is what recruiters should be looking for when assessing sales ability not whether candidates have experience in widgets or the widget channel. Too few employers know what the profile of an accomplished and well trained salesman looks like.


Hi John,
I too am a big fan of SPIN Selling. It's not the whole story though but by using it you'll make more sales than you'll miss.

Not sure what you mean by "this is what recruiters should be looking for" . I would be looking for people with the right attitude. And a desire to get things done. Enthusiasm, curiosity, willingness to learn and a desire to help others would also help quite a bit. Not to mention persistence.

By the way John, my family originated from the Devon area, we may be distant relatives ?

All the best, Greg

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Jul 23, 2010
Structured and Flexible
by: Anonymous

Hi Greg,

Of course you are right that no one system of selling is ubiquitous. I agree that each situation requires some instinct, especially where timing is concerned and one man's complex major sale is another man's relatively small and simple one. As Neil (Rackham) uses this distinction to define an appropriate structure and approach, a salesperson has to be adaptable.

My point on recruiters is they rarely investigate briefs to find salespeople effectively. Therefore their client doesn't confirm problems and the pain and instead the recruiter leaves with a brief to find a "representative" that understands products and industry rather than to find a trained seller.

Devon is in the South West and very beautiful; I was raised in the South East with North West and Celtic ancestry.


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