Sales Consistency

by Mr President

How to remain professionally consistent even through times are hard and the refusal rate is not desirable.


Hi Mr President,

I don't have a magic bullet answer.

I do remember a quote though,
"You can do any what with a big enough why"

It probably wasn't easy for Ghandi to do what he did, I bet there were hard times. I have read that Colonel Sanders got 1003 NOs before he got his FIRST YES. I have heard Anthony Robbins recount the trials and tribulations of Mr Honda, yet he prevailed too. What about Mother Teresa ?

I am going to guess that all these people had a burning desire to do SOMETHING.

People that are consistent in their vocation when they have a cause. A mission that gets em out of bed every morning rearing to go. I think discipline alone is not enough.

I genuinely believed with all my heart in my B2B selling days that I was helping people. The NOs I got were just people who didn't get it yet. Or those that I didn't communicate well enough to. So, I just went to visit the next person, studied to be a better communicator and tried to be of service. Kept me going.

That's why I write today too. I believe I can help people get better sales results.

What is your cause ? Why do you sell ? To help you answer that think about your happiest days selling and recall exactly what happened and why you were so happy.

Hope my rant helps, Greg

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