Sales Coaching for Sales Manager

by Susan Castillo
(Manila, Philippines)


Hi Susan,
you are right to be interested in sales coaching.

First thing though is that I see you are a sales manager. Your people will be weary or suspicious. So, unless you have already built up a good relationship with them be prepared to spend some time getting their trust.

The first part of coaching is to JOINTLY set Well Formed Outcomes, perhaps KPIs would be a better term. But they need to be SMART. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Responsible, Timed).

You need to work with the coachees motivation both Towards the Goal and Away from what they do not want. This builds a propulsion system for them.

You need to probe their awareness of "what is" and provoke their decision to change.

Co-create the change with them and help them plan to and get into action. Then evaluate results and reinforce their positive behaviour.

This is brief but I hope it helps, Greg

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