Sales Closing with Fluidity

by James
(Jacksonville, FL)

I would like to learn how to close with more fluidity!


Hi James,

interesting way you put your question.

So, your current close is not fluid = jerky or hesitant maybe ?

Have to mind read a bit here but it sounds like you are jumping in to try and close too soon.

Do not be in a hurry to close. You need to discuss your offering with the prospect, make sure you have honed in on what is valuable TO THEM and then built up the importance of that benefit. Building up the benefit is like the Implications / Needs Payoff part of SPIN Selling.

During the discussion about your offer you should also try and find out a bit about them. Are they motivated towards a goal or away from a problem. That will have a bearing on how you build the value of your offer.

Also, you need to find out if they are more procedural or more options oriented. You close procedural people by getting them involved in a process. You close options people by talking about values.

Hope this helps, Greg

PS: I write about the last two items in responsive customers

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