Sales Closing Techniques

by Mr Akram Hoosen

closing techniques

Hi Akram,
I'm not big on closing techniques.

I think it's more about establishing trust in the beginning and building a relationship with the customer. It's also about learning what they want and how they communicate, then presenting your product in a way that makes the value obvious to THEM.

At that point people often just buy.

If they hesitate or its quiet for too long you can just plain and simple ask for the order OR ask "where do we go to from here", "what's the next step".

Sometimes you can use a small point close like "what colour (or some other option) do you prefer".

The other thing that I attended to in closing was whether the person was more inclined to procedures or wanted to keep their options open. With procedural people you just start them on a procedure and they feel compelled to complete whereas you need to speak in terms of values and how it opens up new options for the options oriented thinkers.

Hope this helps, Greg

To find out how to identify procedures v options tendencies you could look at responsive customers

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