Sales Assessment

What motivates your selling


Take this sales assessment if you want to know how you behave in a sales roll and what are your unconscious motivations to sell.

This test is not a psychological profile.

This is a simple version of a more sophisticated test that determines the motivation behind your sales behaviour.

If you are like most people there are aspects of the sales process that you are better at.

Some people are good at prospecting but not so good at closing. Some salespeople are great at getting along with customers but not so good at negotiating. But why ?

Why is it that these strengths and weaknesses exist ?

What are the unconscious drivers that cause you to pursue sales in a certain way ?

Want to know the answers to these questions ? Well, fill in the form below to find out.

It is very important that you answer these questions in a work context. So, in answering these questions think of the current sales roll you are in and how the questions apply to that roll.

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What motivates your sales behaviour ?

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