Retaining my Customers

by Tonya

I am a retention representative for a call center. I am really having difficulty in overcoming some of my customers objections. I seem to "get stuck" after the second no. How can I improve my skills as I am having to resell our service.


Hi Tonya,
you sure do not want to have to resell the service because it's about ten times harder to get new business than it is to hold onto the business you already have.

First things first, what are the objections you are getting ? Are they mostly the same objections ? Like are there 10 common objections that you get ? Once you have those you need to sit down and come up with responses to each of them. Get help if you need to.

You then need to check you are doing the right things as you respond. Take a look at my Overcoming Sales Objections webpage for tips on this. (It's free)

Now, if you want to take your ability to respond to objections to the max you need to practice HOW to generate responses to the 10 or so objections you get. Try about 10 or 15 different responses to each objection and do this every day. After a while responses to objections, even those you have never heard before, will just pop into your head.

I go over this method and offer a few other responses to objections in my eBook on Overcoming Sales Objections, which is available if the above information is not enough for you.

Hope this helps, Greg

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