Really listening the customer

by L

In my opinion my challenge is to listen the customer so that I catch also the small words, clues, etc that are even more important than the clear stated needs.

Hi L,

at least you realize that. Many sales people have no idea. And it's not even just listening to the words between the lines it's the tone and the breathing. They all give clues to the real message being sent.

A trainer of mine once said, "if a persons actions imply something different to their words, pay more attention to their actions"

In a sales context if a prospect says they are interested in a product but shows no enthusiasm, doesn't handle the literature or the sample or ask questions about availability etc I would be very skeptical about their interest.

One of the easiest things to take note of in a sales meeting is whether the prospect speaks in visual, auditory or feeling words. Once you notice this you can match the word type. i.e. If they say "I can't get a handle on how this will work" you could respond with, "let me help you grasp the concept".

For a more interesting, and more complex, example take a look at my article on Life Purpose

Hope this helps, Greg

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