Question Based Selling

by carter

Secrets of Question Based Selling


Hi Carter,
the secret of question based selling is to actually ASK the questions.

So many sales people I have seen over the years are far too keen to talk.
I do not know why that happens, I assume it's nerves and the desire to blurt out that sales spiel they have been practicing.

I can't tell you the number of times I walked into a prospects office thinking I was going to sell product X and walked out with a trial order or request for product Y.

While I was in the meeting I uncovered and NOTICED that the prospect had a burning problem that needed solving and that problem could not be solved with X.
I didn't have to get them interested in Y, once they knew it could solve their immediate problem they just about jumped over the desk to get me to get them some.
And, of course, if Y worked I had a much better chance of selling them X in the future.

I guess I was lucky in that I had a bundle of products to sell but I never would have sold them if I didn't keep my ears and eyes open for the opportunities.

So, the secret is to ask the questions and the secret behind the secret is to actually listen for the answers, ALL THE ANSWERS.

Hope this helps, Greg

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