Presentation Techniques

by Alfred Fuentes
(Glendale, AZ)

I will like to improve my sales techniques to better present myself as a sales person

Hi Alfred,
candid advice, first try and be a person.

So, respect people's time and their opinions, do not think of them as stupid. Be polite.

Help people buy rather than sell to them.

When your focus is on them your fears and apprehensions go away.

Build rapport with people.
(you may like to look at sales rapport)

Become extremely curious about:
what they do,
what are their problems,
why they think the way they do.

Ask a question then watch and listen - between the lines as well.
So you learn about THEM.
(Maybe responsive customers could help.)

Seek to help people and if you can't help them do not waste their time or yours.

There is plenty of advice on this site to help you but don't just read it, try it.

Hope this helps, Greg

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