Persuasive Techniques in Telemarketing

by Tracey

I'd like to ask, what are the persuasive techniques in telemarketing?

All my selling experience is either as a B2B sales person or selling my services as a sales coach. So, please take my comments about telemarketing with a grain of salt.

I base my comments on the cold calling I have done and the telemarketing calls I have received.

To get anywhere on the phone you've got to start out on the right foot. You've got to establish rapport quickly.

Starting off with a script or trying to angle your prospect into a close is a sure fire way to put them off and break rapport.

You need to be honest, build rapport, be courteous, build a relationship and find out if there is an opportunity for you to help the person on the other end of the phone.

If it's about selling one of those items that bugs people (like phone service sales) you need to meet people where they are, acknowledge their resistance and differentiate yourself from the average telemarketer. Understanding and caring are rare and appreciated.

You might get some benefit from my book on rapport

Hope that helps, Greg

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