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by ideology dhliwayo
(south africa)

how can I entertain my client at lunch?

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Jul 24, 2019

by: Greg


entertaining your client at lunch really revolves around two things:

that you have previously established Rapport with them so that they feel comfortable having a dialogue with you. It would be handy if you had some common ground to talk with them about too. football, baseball, golf, tennis, children, food, mothers-in-law whatever


being tuned into THEIR radio channel, which is WIIFM ... "What's in it for ME"
Either talk about what they want in a business sense or get them to talk about themselves.

There are some things you can do about the venue as well:
call the manager directly to make your reservation
request "special attention" (tip beforehand if needed)
pre-handle the bill

Buying a client lunch can be useful, in fact here is an article you may like to take a look at ...
"5 Ways Buying Lunch for a Client Makes You More Persuasive"

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